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Rising Juniors Lailee Golesorkhi and George Alex-Chica, who are extremely successful Parliamentary debate partners, demonstrate spar in this next video. Spar is one of the most compressed forms of debate at the high school level. It is comprised of a short one-minute speech from both debaters followed by a 2 min "clash" in which the debaters are allowed to question each other's arguments.
Topic : Online education is the future of schooling

Lincoln Douglas Debate (LD)

Lincoln Douglass debate as demonstrated by Edan Saedi and Emily Lin. Lincoln Douglas debate is a form of debate that revolves around morals. Each side argues why their take on a particular issue fulfills a paramount value that both debaters agree to. One of the most unique features of LD is the cross-examination where a competitor is given the exclusive opportunity to question the other. 
Topic - Predictive Policing is unjust.


Original Oratory (OO)

Wade Felt, a rising sophomore at Taft High School, is performing his OO. OO  stands for Original Oratory and allows participants to write and speak about topics that are usually related to current problems in the world, and are delivered in a persuasive way as to motivate the audience to make a choice. These speeches must also be factual and typically utilize multiple sources to back up their claim.

Original Oratory (OO)

Lilly, a rising sophomore at Taft High School, delivers an informative and moving Original  Oratory (OO) in this video. This event is one of the most popular in Speech because it allows for so much flexibility in terms of topics. Students can do anything original that they want relating to problems in their lives or in the world.

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